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This is not really genealogy, but we’ll see how much interest there is for this!  These are true stories from Sherbondy descendants about themselves or relatives that involve miracles, premonitions or give others hope and inspiration!   If you have some true stories to submit for this page, please send them, along with a photo that is somehow related (the subject of the story, the story teller, the place, etc).

Miracles, Premonitions

 & Inspirations

From Barbara Crotts (Clan B), “I have had many predictive dreams and psychic experiences myself, so I know there is such a thing.  When I was living in an apartment building in Oakland, California I had the following experience. I happened to open my apartment door and I saw a tenant ascending the stairs. There seemed to be magnetic waves coming from him which said to me == criminal, criminal. That night I awakened in the middle of the night and felt I needed to open my apartment door. To my astonishment, police opened the front door (I lived in the apartment right by the front door) at the same time. The police glared at me and motioned for me to close my door. The next day I asked my apartment manager about the incident and she told me that that night they had arrested the man upstairs for bank robbery. “      2775A

Col. Stephen D. Hillard told us about his grandmother Louise Sherbondy’s (Clan J) mother-in-law, Martha Magdalena Leiter.  No one knew anything much about her, terming her “the mystery woman.”  She used to heal people by reading a verse from the Bible, but was very shy about this talent!         [465A, May 1983]

Note:  Norman Earl Caudle was born and Richard Allen Sherbondy passed away on the same day, Oct 19, 1948.  Per Willadean Sherbondy Caudle, mother of Norman, “I remember very well being in the hospital when Norman was born and Ed came up saying great Uncle Dick passed away.  He didn’t need to tell me;  I received the message while under ether and already knew.”    [36A Jan 1978]

Col. Stephen D. HillardWilladean and Edward Caudle, 2003

Willadean and Edward Caudle, 2003

A second experience from Barbara Crotts (Clan B):

One time I was with a boyfriend looking at paintings.  An extreme fatigue came over me.  I felt he was commenting on one of the paintings and even though I didn't feel like it, I felt I had to answer him.  After I did, there was a long pause and then he said, "I was only thinking that and I didn't say it outloud."        2775A

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