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5 Generation Photos

With at least 1 Sherbondy

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Other Photos

Of Sherbondy Families

A photo possibly of the Joseph Williamson Sherbondy family (Clan J) from approx 1896. 

A photo of the Richard Copeland Sherbondy family (Clan L) from the late 1800’s

Other Old Photos

Includes previous photos featured on our home page, plus other old photos before 1900

Marcy Sherbondy to Helen Boslett Sherbondy Vstohal

Benjamin Moreno to Mary Jane Bishop Sherbondy Van Horn

Jeffrey D. Sherbondy to Amanda Ellen Jarnagin Holden

Clan L

Powerpoint show

Powerpoint slide presentation of the descendants of Abraham M. Sherbondy and Lucianna Minor (Clan L)

Abraham M. Sherbondy

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Charlotte Sherbondy HohenshellThomas Sherbondy Clan U

The photos to the left and right are the only known photos of grandchildren of John # 1.   First is Charlotte Sherbondy Hohenshell, ancestor of Clan I.  Next is Thomas Sherbondy, ancestor of Clan U.