Andrew Betts / Bates / Betz

Catherine Shibondi / Sherbondy

Who did they marry?   When?

Life was tough in PA in this era.   Catherine’s grandparents’ family was attacked and some killed by Indians (see here).  There was great reluctance to leave populated areas.  If Andrew’s first wife died, he needed someone to help care for his children and she needed someone to provide her a living.   This marriage may have been out of necessity.

About Andrew Betts and Catherine Sherbondy


Who did Andrew Betts marry?   When did he marry?  Did he have more than one wife?   We display documents here about Andrew and Catherine.  We want to be able to show if his children were born by a Catherine with the surname Sherbondy.

Mary Betts, daughter of Andrew Betts, married John Sherbondy, brother of Catherine Sherbondy.  If Catherine were Mary’s mother, why would Mary wed her own uncle?

Married Miss Shibondi

In the “dawn of the century”

(quoted in 1899)

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Andrew Betts’ life

Catherine Sherbondy’s life

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Abt 1776


Andreas Beetz born

Age 15 when Baptized in 1771

(age over 45 per 1800 census)

(age over 45 per 1810 census)

Anna “Catherina” Cherpantier born.  View Church Records:

German Birth Record

Transcribed:  Lesh   Leiby

Andr Bez children born

Ten children 1777—1797

How could Catherine Sherbondy bear his children if she wasn’t born till 1784?

Andrew Betts married

Wife born before 1765 (age 26-45 per 1800 census, age over 45 per 1810 census)

“Catharina” name on Church Records

Was this his first of two marriages?

Letters:   Messler     Hoffpauir

Catherine with brother

In Westmoreland Co with

Melcher per 1800 & 1810 census


Married Miss Shibondi

In the “dawn of the century”

(quoted in 1899)

View the Crawford Co History

Other Possibilities?

Who could Catherine Sherbondy be?

See these 3 additional scenarios….  

Some prominent researchers show a non-Sherbondy as the mother of Andrew’s children.   Check out:

Clough site   Messler/Ancestry


History of the Bates Family

In 1887, this 2-page leaflet was created for a 1000 person reunion.  Andrew’s wife was mentioned but not named.


Andrew & Catherine Betts

Signed a deed for a Land Sale in Crawford Co., PA

Mar 1820

May 1823

Andrew Betts Again Sold Land

No Signature for Catherine

Andrew Betts Purchased Land

In Crawford Co., PA


Is the Crawford Co History Incorrect?  See Tax Records Here


 Andrew & Catherine


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