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The Sherbondy Family Association’s first year of existence was 1984.  Because of the foresight and financial contributions of the following Sherbondy descendants who joined that year, the SFA had the resources to do research and collect information, part of which are on these web pages!  Their Clan is in parenthesis.  Thanks for sharing the vision!

Charter Members

of the SFA

Helen Ahrens (J)

Linda and Dale Bachman (J)

Betty Blankenship (L)

Geoffrey S. Boehm (A)

Elva Sherbondy Bonwell (L)

Irma E. Breen (L)

Mrs. Luther Brown (L)

Pauline J. Bundschu (L)

Ralph Cannon (L)

Jean Hineline Catlett (J)

Mildred L. Huber Christensen (L)

Robert Allen Corman (J)

Mary Belle Sherbondy Crain (L)

Donna Hineline DeForge (J)

DeeAnn Merrill Elliott (J)

Mary Jane Fisher Farr (L)

Harold Raymond Fisher (L)

Marie Gilbert Gieseke (G)

Esther Sherbondy Hannevig (H)

Michelle Hansen (K)

Isabelle Henderson (L)

Vivian Wanda Sherbondy Herman (L)

Dorothy Hiatt (A)

Stephen D. Hillard (J)

Melvin & Geraldine Hineline (J)

Mary Ruth Sherbondy Holtz (E)

Frieda H. Howard (L)

Shirley Sherbondy Huck (E)

Betty Lou Sherbondy Jones (E)

Elizabeth (Betty) J. Jones (H)

Vera Sherbondy Jordon (E)

Lois M. Kemper (L)

Danell Aukerman Knight (M)

Lillian Sherbondy Knuth (L)

Louise Lamb (A)

Richard D. Leidy (E)

Phyllis Sherbondy Lynch (J)

Dan O. Merrill (J)

Dean R. Merrill (J)

Tom W. Merrill (J)

Monte Dwight Milburn (L)

Evelyn Mock (L)

Judith R. Raines Norman (I)

Diane H. Oltman (J)

Helen Ann Pfirsch (L)

Charles O. Pfoutz (E)

L. A. Pozzi (J)

Kathryn L. Raines (I)

Ann Rasor (C)

W. S. Reeves (J)

Mrs. Deon E. Roach (L)

Nina Pixler Sherbondy Roach (H)

Kenneth F. & Vivian Schenck (J)

William & Helen Schneckenberger (J)

Pat Shackleton (L)

Evelyn R. Shea (J)

Annabel Sheely (L)

Alden & Clara Sherbondy (J)

Dana & Dawn Sherbondy (J)

David M. Sherbondy (E)

Donald C. & Sarah Sherbondy (E)

Donald L. Sherbondy (E)

Dorothy Alice Sherbondy (J)

Duane Evan Sherbondy (L)

Ellen Sherbondy (H)

Evelyn Sherbondy (P)

Frances B. Sherbondy (E)

George David Sherbondy (L)

George F. Sherbondy (N)

Greg Sherbondy (A)

Jeanette Evelyn Sherbondy (L)

Jeffrey D. Sherbondy (J)

Jim Sherbondy (E)

Kenneth C. Sherbondy (T)

Lawrence E. Sherbondy (A)

Marvin Sherbondy (A)

Modesta, Walt & Frank Sherbondy (H)

Ralph E. Sherbondy (L)

Richard & Nancy Sherbondy (J)

Richard L. Sherbondy, Sr. (T)

Robert E. Sherbondy (J)

Robert Emmett Sherbondy (E)

Russell M. Sherbondy (J)

Steve & Sharon Sherbondy (J)

Walter Eugene Sherbondy (D)

William Sherbondy, Jr. (E)

William G. Sherbondy (E)

Wm. Henry Sherbondy (L)

Dale Robert Sherbundy (L)

James R. Sherbundy (L)

Joseph F. Sherbundy (L)

Robert E. Sherbundy (L)

John & Susan Shultz (J)

Kurt & Monica Thornell (J)

Ruth M. Thurman (E)

Marjorie Tietsort (J)

Lee Sherbondy Totten (L)

Donna Valler (L)

Edie Wagner (L)

De Lores Wanner (D)

Frank Ross Weaver, Jr. (E)

Harold Weaver (L)

Margaret Weaver (L)

Eldes Whitsett (E)

Clara Sherbondy Wyneken (L)

Sara Jane Yates (E)