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Mary Smith Jackson

Mary Smith Jackson is the author of the book Bossards, Bozards and Buzzards,

The Descendants of Phillip Bossard who

Landed in Philadelphia September 30, 1740 and Settled in Hamilton Township, Pennsylvania


The book was published in 1990

by McDowell Publications, Utica, Kentucky.

It is hardcover and 300+ pages.


The first chapter of the book is a biography of Johannes Phillip Bossard.  Compilation of this

biography entailed a great deal of genealogical and historical research.  When first published, there were believed to be seven children born to Phillip and his wife Eva Catherine, including three surviving children.  The book also states “There may have been others that are

unaccounted for.”  This has been proven true

after discovery of a deed from Philip and Evah

Catherine Bossert conveying two acres of land to “their son-in-law, John Sharpienter.”


Mary Smith Jackson has given permission to the Sherbondy Family Association to reproduce the biography of Phillip Bossard on this site.  The SFA expresses their sincere gratitude to Ms. Jackson for allowing the opportunity to share this with all Sherbondy descendants.


Thank you!

Phillip Bossard Biography

(Adobe / pdf)