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Sherbondy On Line Payments and Purchases

The Sherbondy Beacon, Volume I, 1984, $12

$10 Contribution to the SFA

The Sherbondy Beacon, Volume II, 1985, $12

Purchases of Sherbondy Publications

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Contributions to the Sherbondy Family Association

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The Sherbondy Beacon, Volume III, 1986, $12

The Sherbondy Beacon, All Volumes, 1984, 1985, 1986, $30

(The SFA pays postage when you buy all 3 on line!)

$20 Contribution to the SFA

(recommended annual amount)

$30 Contribution to the SFA

(this amount pays for 2 months of website hosting!)

$50 Contribution to the SFA

(this amount pays for copyright registration for 1 year!)

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