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Johann Cherpantier and Jacob Zimmerman records point to German ancestry.  DNA records link them both.  Johann and Jacob both settled in German communities in the US.

Solomon Carpenter Timeline

6 children born 1804—1821:

Jacob, Conrad, Levi, Hannah, Mary and Margaret

 German families settled in the Upper Potomac region of West Virginia.  Per WV Genealogist William H. Rice


German roots

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23 Apr 1838

Aug 1851

Probate of Will of Jacob Carpenter of Barbour County, West Virginia



Jacob Carpenter on the Hampshire County tax list , Upper Tract area, 7 family members

 Late 1770’s

Jacob Carpenter and wife Margaret were found living on 72 acres just below Upper Tract, VA



Upper Tract area, WV becomes part of the new county of Pendleton

Tax Lists from Randolph County, WV



Abraham Kuykendall had a store near Upper Tract, WV. 

He had an account for :

“Stuffle” Carpenter (1775)


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Peter Steenbergen had a store in Upper Tract, WV and kept ledgers of his customers, i.e.:

Daniel Zimmerman (1772-1773)

Barbara Zimmerman (1773)

Nicholas Carpenter (1767-1770)


Jacob Carpenter born in VA per census records


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Married Catherine Hill, Randolph County WV

22 Aug 1809

Upper Tract, Hampshire County tax list with family members: 

Jacob Carpenter, 6 members

Conrad Carpenter, 7 members

Jacob Carpenter purchased land from Jacob Peterson

Pendleton County tax list includes a Conrad Carpenter and John Carpenter (no Jacob)

Probate of Estate of Solomon Carpenter of Randolph County, WV


US Census, Barbour County, WV

US Census, Randolph County, WV

Solomon Carpenter born


3 possible children: Mary, Elizabeth, Jesse


Jacob Carpenter Timeline


North Mill Creek Lutheran Church (near Upper Tract area) (all recorded in German). Members: Margaret & Barbara Zimmerman 1791. Jacob and Solomon Zimmerman 1798 (also took communion) 

16 Nov 1779

Jacob Carpenter purchased land from Michael Mallow in Upper Tract, WV

16 June 1786

Jacob and Margaret Zimmerman sold 72 acres to Jacob Conrad for 50 lbs

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