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The initial plan was to publish one Sherbondy Book.  After careful analysis of the number of people, photos and sources in our archives, it is clear that several volumes will be needed.  This page shows the planned content and publication schedule for the Sherbondy Family Books.  We will have updates to this schedule as necessary.

Sherbondy Family Book


Sherbondy Family, Volume I

The Ohio Clans

(Clans A, B, D)

 approx 700 people

Plus Rosannah Parker if data is received

Each book will hardcover with gold lettering and 200-300 pages in length.  The books will have photos (one per family), occupations, land ownership and more on all Sherbondy descendants.  It will have much more information than the web site.  This web site has only about ten to fifteen percent of the information in our archives.  All information that we receive will be included in the books.   Thus, please send information timely and before the deadlines (per detailed mailings, write for info) if you wish for it to be included!

A, B, D

Publication Date


Sherbondy Family, Volume II

The Melcher Pennsylvania Clans

(Clans C, E and G)

 over 2,500 people

 Sarah Tarr is newly discovered Clan G

C, E, G

H, I, J, K


 est 2017

Sherbondy Family, Volume III

The Georg Pennsylvania Clans

(Clans H, I, J, K)

 approx 1,200 people

Sherbondy Family, Volume IV

The Georg Indiana Clans

(Clans L, M, N)

 approx 1,600 people



Sherbondy Family, Volume V

The Mercer County Clans

(Clans P, Q, R, S, T, U)

 approx 1,200 people

 more than 1 volume if enough data is received

L, M, N

P, Q, R, S, T, U