5 Generation Photos

5 Generation Photos

With at least 1 Sherbondy

 From 1978, From Clan E (Rev David),

Oldest to youngest: Helen Boslett Sherbondy Vstohal, William C. Sherbondy, Bill Sherbondy, Mark Sherbondy, Marcy Sherbondy

From Clan L (Abraham, Greorge),

Oldest to youngest (LtoR), Mary Jane Bishop Sherbondy Van Horn, Mary Belle Crain, Patricia Shackleton, Denise Moreno, Benjamin Moreno (1987).

From 1959, Clan J (George),

Oldest to youngest: Amanda Ellen Jarnagin Holden, Vera Holden Grant Rockne, Vivian Grant Schenck, Nancy Schenck Sherbondy, Jeffrey D. Sherbondy

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