Sherbondy Genetics and DNA


DNA results have proven that Jean Charpentier (b 1734 in France) is NOT the same person as John Sherbondy (d 1798 in PA). 

Go to this page to see the full memo about the extensive research that was performed in France and how these results were obtained. 

DNA records of two Sherbondys and two Carpenters (all in the US) match exactly!   Johann Cherpantier and Jacob Zimmerman are cousins!

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This explains the meanings of the names and has links to the matching DNA records.

Sherbondy DNA Ancestry    PDF  

Family Tree DNA link

Scroll down to Group # 17 to read the text.

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Scroll Down further to the DNA haplotypes chart and find Group 17.

Jeanette Sherbondy has discovered Viking heritage by using Sherbondy Genetics and DNA.  Read her 9-page article,

Sherbondy Deep Ancestry:             PDF             HTML

Genetic Diseases of Sherbondy descendants

Here we list rare genetic diseases afflicting Sherbondy family descendants.  If other Sherbondy descendants have these same ailments, a Sherbondy ancestor may be a common link.   If you have other rare afflictions to add or your know a descendant with one of these, please let us know so we can check for common ancestry (no names will be published).

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