About John Sherbondy (#1)

John (Cherpantier) Sherbondy and Jacob (Zimmerman) Carpenter have a common ancestor somewhere in Germany.  They both came to America independently.  This page has all of the information that is currently known about both of them

These are timelines of John and Jacob’s lives with links to scanned images of the actual documents supporting this information.   These documents are available for viewing and/or printing. 

Documentary timeline of the life of John Sherbondy.        John’s Documentary Timeline PDF Version

Documentary timeline of the life of Jacob Carpenter.        Jacob’s Documentary Timeline PDF Version      


The “Legend of John Sherbondy’s Ancestry” was compiled by Jeffrey D. Sherbondy from documents in Grace Corman’s records.  This is from family records prior to the 1970’s so this information now is rather out-dated.

The Legend of John Sherbondy’s Ancestry, by Jeffrey D. Sherbondy:           PDF                 RTF


This is a biography written by Jeanette Sherbondy in 2001 with a recap of the information we know about John

Biography of John Sherbondy, by Jeanette Sherbondy

Maria Catharina Bossard (John’s wife) grew up in the 1750’s in PA.  This is a biography of the life of her parents and includes accounts of attacks by Indians on their family.

The Life of John’s wife (Catharina Bossard) in the 1750’s per this

biography of Catherina’s parents

The “Cherpantier French Name Study” illustrates how common the name “Cherpantier” (worker with wood) is in France.  DNA research now indicates that Johann was originally from Germany and migrated to France

Cherpantier French Name Study

Research by Joseph Sherbondy