Sherbondy Biographies

This page has biographies about Sherbondy Families written by descendants of the various Clans.  In all instances, we have scanned the original document and posted it here for everyone to see in its original form.  In some cases, the title given below to the biography is for SFA source documentation and identification purposes only.

Small History of the Sherbondy Family” written by Ephriam Sherbondy in approx 1895.  Received from Dorothy Ryan Hiatt in 1980.

This document is not a biography, but actually is key evidence that David Sherbondy is a son of Melichor Sherbondy, evidence not found elsewhere.  In the original translations of the German Church records in Pennsylvania from German to American, David’s name was translated as “Daniel.”  This letter, from an author of one of the original translations, explains the mistake.

Sherbondy Family Pioneersbiography of Abraham Sherbondy, written in 1994 based on documents and evidence gathered by Jeanette Sherbondy.   For many years, Abraham Sherbondy’s connection to generation 2 (Melcher or George was assumed) was the most elusive of any ancestor (probably because of his frequent moves).  This was despite the fact that Abraham had more descendants in the SFA records and had more individuals researching his ancestry than any other grandchild of John. 

Family Record written by Rachel Catherine Sherbondy Howard approx 1910-1940, a key document of the Clan L Ancestry.  This copy (the only and best that we have) came from a copy in possession of Eileen Howard Dietz.  It was sent to us by Monte Milburn.

Biography of Joseph Williamson Sherbondy, written by Grace Corman from a Filmore County, NE history book and from records in her files.

Thirty Years on the Farm” (Paul R. Sherbondy biography) written by Evelyn Viola Bertha Hawks Sherbondy in 1968.

Andrew Sherbonda Biography written by Marie Sharbondy Prosser Dummett in 1979. 

History of Cloverdale, IA” written by Alvin L. Sharbondy in 1972.