Researcher’s Page

Most of this site is designed to appeal to ALL descendants of Sherbondy’s.  This page, however, has information that may be of interest to those who have done their own genealogical research.


Researchers Hall of Fame

To over 20 of the best Sherbondy Researchers

Numbering of Individuals

“Modified Henry Numbering System”

Volunteers Needed

Ongoing help anyone can do for your Clan

Research Help Needed

Specific One-time Projects for Experienced

Researchers (not a complete list).

Source Information

Master Lists of Sources
Surety / Reliability Levels

Records Searched with

No Sherbondys Found

We provide this information as a service so you do not waste your time searching records that have already been searched.  Of course, you are always encouraged to search again for spelling variations, missed records, etc.

NOTE:  at this time, this file is only

approximately 10-20 % complete.

Sherbondy Name Variations

For those who are searching records, here is a list of the various Sherbondy spellings.  Living People are omitted, soundex numbers are included.