Robert E. Sherbondy b. 1931

Betty J. and Robert E. Sherbondy

The most thanks of all is to Robert E. Sherbondy (Uncle Bob) for starting the computerization!   As told by Jeff Sherbondy:

It was the year 2000.  I was raising children full-time, but I was beginning to find a few minutes here and there for genealogy once again (since getting married in 1987).  I had just finished a six month process of testing and reviewing genealogy software that would be used for computerization.  I selected a program that would meet all my goals, but I had a monumental task ahead of me;  how to computerize all the information I had accumulated.   I didn’t have the motivation to start, since it would take me alone over 15 years to accomplish!

Uncle Bob called in early June of 2000.  He was retired and he needed something to do.  He was looking through the old Sherbondy Family Association records and wondered if there was something he could do.  He was getting a computer.  I told him he could probably help enter information, but it would likely be very boring work.  I didn’t expect to hear back.  To my surprise, he called twice in one week later that month.  I knew then that he was serious.  He had a computer and was ready to put it to work.

He initially computerized my correspondence logs and address files; two key items I needed to coordinate and track all future computerization of the genealogical data.  He completed this by March, 2001 and was anxious for more!

 From 2001 to 2004, he computerized all of the genealogical data from Clans C, E, H, I, J, K and M!  He did an efficient and excellent job of paying attention to detail and entering the data exactly as shown on the source!  During two of these years I reorganized my files and started data entry of my own in 2002.  After that I was once again hooked on Sherbondy genealogy!

I don’t believe that I would have ever started data entry if it wasn’t for my Uncle Bob.  I truly believe that God made Bob’s time available when I needed him most.

Thanks Bob!