Source Information

This page has the most detailed and most complete information about the sources that have been used by the SFA.

This page also explains some of the codes used in the citation documentation.

Master List of Sources in Alphabetical Order


This list is sorted by person or place, depending on the type of source.  A source associated with one individual is sorted by that person’s name, last name first then given name.  Examples are birth or death certificates.  A source associated with many individuals are sorted by place, beginning with the state abbreviation, then the county.  Examples are cemetery records and census records.

This list is from an abbreviated field.  The characters are limited to approximately 20 from the current software version.  However, an earlier software version only allowed 12 characters and thus the sources entered with the earlier version are shorter (but will be expanded as time permits).

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Master List of Sources in order by Type of Source


This list has the most detailed information about each source.  We try to include here what was received, who or where it was received from and when it was received.  If you want to know more about a source you found in an endnote or an abbreviation, find it in this list.  The information on some sources may be less detailed than others, but we will expand upon them all as time permits.

This list is sorted by the type of source.  For example, all birth certificates are sorted together, all census records are sorted together and all compiled records are sorted together.  Source types which are associated with one another use one main type as the key for sorting.  For example, a funeral memorial booklet is associated with the death event.   So, in this list the funeral memorial source is listed as a death memorial.    For marriages, wedding engagements and wedding anniversaries are related events.  Thus look for them in this list under marriage engagements and marriage anniversaries.  There may be other examples where this idea is used.

We try to name the type of source in the abbreviated list (above) but sometimes the name is slightly different.  Try to keep an open mind when searching this list for more detail on a source you found in the abbreviated list!

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Please send us sources you don’t see on these lists!

Source Surety / Reliability Information

The most detailed explanation about source and citation documentation used by the SFA