Dorothy Ryan Hiatt b. 1931

Veraun and Dorothy Hiatt, 1984

Dorothy Hiatt lives in Salt Lake City and did research at the genealogy library there.  She was able to find leads not located elsewhere.  Dorothy was the first known researcher to get a copy of the original handwritten will of John Sherbondy # 1 and the first to get copies of one of the transcriptions of German birth records of John‘s children.   She was also the first known researcher to have a copy of the “Small History of the Sherbondy Family” written by Ephriam Sherbondy in approximately 1895.

Dorothy is from Clan A and is a daughter of Marge Judd and Vincent E. Ryan (son of Marguerite Sherbondy).   Dorothy and her husband Veraun attended the reunion in Ontario, OR in Sept, 1984.

Dorothy was very energetic and willing to help out in any way!  She was likely the most excited to come in contact with Jeff.  In 1980 she wrote, “You don’t know how excited I was to get your letter…. Like you, I am interested in the Sherbondy Family and have been trying to compile a family history for over 25 years.”  In 1982 she wrote, “When I first started tracing my family I didn’t know where or who was my direct line, so I got information on any Sherbondy that I happened to find.  Now, I am just hooked on it and am interested in all the Sherbondys and their families!”  Another time she wrote (and echoed since by others), “ I never knew there were so many Sherbondys until I contacted Jeff!”