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The Sherbondy Family Association has published two issues of the email newsletter, The Sherbondy Beacon.  The most recent was in November of 2023.  This is free subscription.  You can subscribe via this link or the contact area below or from our contact form, here.


DNA results have proven that Jean Charpentier (b 1734 in France) is NOT the same person as John Sherbondy (d 1798 in PA). 

Go to this page to see the full memo about the extensive research that was performed in France and how these results were obtained. 


The Sherbondy Family Association began publication of the email newsletter, The Sherbondy Beacon, in March of 2022.  This is free subscription.  You can subscribe via the contact area below or from our contact form, here.

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Through DNA records, the SFA has recently discovered that Johann Cherpantier (Sherbondy) and Jacob Zimmeman (Carpenter) have the same ancestor.   The DNA of two Sherbondys and two Carpenters match exactly!   We also know that Jacob Zimmerman lived in a German community in the US in the 1700’s (like Johann) in West Virginia and that Jacob has possible heritage from Germany.  Here is a possible relation:   

Sherbondy Family Association

The Sherbondy Family Association serves as a central source of information on Sherbondy ancestors and relatives by collecting, organizing and sharing genealogical information on Sherbondy ancestors and descendants.

The Association also serves as a cohesive force in bringing together all descendants of Sherbondy families.   This has been accomplished in the past by publishing a newsletter and organizing reunions.   Current plans are to provide information on this web site,  in a future book, and in email newsletters that began in 2022!

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You can contact us in three ways.  One is our mailing address:  Sherbondy Family Association, 12237 Ash Street, Overland Park, KS  66209-3513.  This is best for large amounts of photos or records to send to the SFA for retention and archival purposes or if email is not convenient or available.
You can send us an email one of two ways below to initiate email conversations, join the SFA and subscribe to the newsletter.  Thanks very much for getting in touch!


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