Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy of the Sherbondy descendants and the propriety of the SFA data, the SFA has certain policies for   release / publication of information.  We will not share large blocks of information electronically.   We must control who receives it (close relatives only) to maintain the confidentiality of the information we receive.  We will accept information by electronic means.  Please contact us for coordination of large blocks of genealogical submissions.

Second, no genealogical information on living descendants born after 1950 (the same year for which Federal Census data has been released) will be published on the web site.  Names only (of those born after 1950) will be in the master index.  No addresses of descendants will be published on the web site.  Also, children (currently under 18) will not be identified in photos nor listed in the names index on the web site, even if they are in our database.   Addresses of living individuals and identification of children will always remain confidential.

For living individuals, if you do not want your name listed in the master index, please send us a note that you wish your name to be “confidential.”  We will remove your name from the master name index during the next update.