Sherbondy Researcher Hall of Fame

Years after their donations (of time, money, documents and/or research) have ended, who contributed the most toward learning about Sherbondy ancestry?

De Lores Caskey Wanner      (1929-1998) (Ohio Clans ABD) Sherbondy Researcher Extraordinaire!

Monte D. Milburn       (1937-2012)   (Clan L)            Most thorough and persistent researcher!

Grace Corman and Helen Corman Ahrens  (Clan J)        For writing down and sharing the stories (The Legend) told by our ancestors years ago!

Dorothy Ryan Hiatt            (Clan A and overall)      Enthusiastic and interested in all clans!

Evelyn Viola Bertha Hawks Sherbondy  (1906 – 2002) (Mercer Co., Clans P, R, T)        “I walked through many graveyards looking at dates”

Della Marie Reagan Fischer  (1904 – 1980) (Clans C & E)         Pioneer of Sherbondy       Research in            Westmoreland Co!

Robert E. Sherbondy  (Clan J) The most thanks of all, for starting computerization!

Other researchers who have made significant contributions, in alphabetical order (Clan in parenthesis):

Danell Aukerman (M), Blanche M. Sharbondy Durfee (S),  Michelle St. John Hansen (K), Col. Stephen D. Hillard (J), James T. & Frieda Howard (L), Betty J. O’Dell Jones (H), Ruth Lee Matthews (L), Kathryn L. Venable Raines (I), Cheslea T. Sherbondy (L), Lloyd E. & Ethel Sherbondy (L), Ralph E. Sherbondy (L), William C. Sherbondy Jr. (E), Joseph F. Sherbundy (L), Jane C. Williams (A)

Plus many, many others who generously contributed information on their immediate families!  Thank you all for your help!