Master Name Index and Genealogy Charts

Is this your first time visiting?  If so, go to the master index of names.   Search for the individual you are interested in finding.  If you find that person, then he/she is in our database.  The Master Name Index has (in order) Primary Name indicator (*, usually birth name), Name,  Individual ID # (in the Adobe version only), Clan ID, birth date and death date.  Make note of that person’s “Clan”.  Next, go to “The Clan Chart” link below and click on the “Clan” that the person is from.  Each Clan has a genealogy report, index of names and an index of places for that Clan.  Find your ancestor in the name index (only beginning generations are in the clan charts).   Click on that person and you will be taken to that person in the genealogy report.  Enjoy!

The “Master Index of Names” below contains all of the individuals in the database.  An individual will be listed in this index under as many different names as our sources indicate.  Example, for a female descendant:  1) birth maiden name, 2) married name, 3) nick name, 4) name on census (if different).  Melcher/ Melkur (the most misspelled Sherbondy) has over 20 versions of his name!

Birth years are only shown for those who have died or who were born before 1930 (“> 1930” if after 1930 and known).  If a birth year is blank, that indicates we do not know it (please send update!).

We are in the process of updating our records to show more information on those individuals who were born before 1950 (the date of the currently available US Census records).

Adobe Index of Names

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HTML Index of Names

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This link contains the Clan Chart and basic genealogy reports for many individuals born before 1950 in the database who are linked to John #1.   These charts show the most reliable (primary) date and place of birth, marriage, death and burial for each person.   These charts end with the 5th generation or an earlier generation with no one born after 1950.

Clan Chart

“Generations 1, 2 & 3” below contains the Genealogy charts for John Sherbondy (#1), his children and his grandchildren.   These Genealogy charts separate individuals by generations.    Individuals appear twice in these charts:  once as a child in their parent’s generation and again as the parent in their own generation.

This Genealogy has ALL information on John, his children and birth information on his grandchildren.  Even data that has been proven to be incorrect is included in this file.  This is shown so you can evaluate whether we have made correct conclusions.  Each name is also listed twice in this index (as a parent and as a child).

There are two remaining large branches of Sherbondy descendants who have not been connected to John Sherbondy.  These are both lines of female Sherbondys born before 1830.  The previously unconnected three male large branches have (as of 2023) now been connected to John.   You can read about all of these branches on this page.  It has everything we know about the unconnected branches.  The names of the descendants are included in the Master Index (along with many other unconnected individuals).