The Sherbondy Family

 Unconnected Clans 

Mary Sherbondy

 b. 1815-1817 PA



John Stevenson

  b. 1810

Westmoreland Co.

 d. Apr 1873

Farmer, Teacher

Albert E. Stevenson d bef 1918

Daniel B. Stevenson

Two Babies died in infancy

Hannah Stevenson Fisher

Craig Curtin Stevenson

Simon C. Stevenson

Lucetta Marian Stevenson Werkman

Family Tree

John A. Stevenson  b. Mar 1838

 marr  Sarah J. Hissem

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 Sherbondy Family Association

Unconnected Individuals

Descended or related to Sherbondys per letters, census or other records.  Please contact us if you know how any of these individuals are related.

Martha Stevenson Kiester

Susan Stevenson m. John Adair

Dau of John Clan A


Maria of Clan H


Mary dau of George Clan B


Unknown dau of Melcher or George of Generation 2

W. W. Sherbondy b. 1838 and Wilder Sherbondy b. 1839 (Clan U) have been identified as the same person.  Go to Clan U to view their descendants.

 Andrew Betts / / Bates / Betz married a Miss Shibondi

When did he marry her?

Who did Catherine Sherbondy marry?

See all the documents on our Andrew Betts page.

Elizabeth [?],

wife of James Richey 

Census of 1850, 1860


Miss Sherbondy married

James Richey

Per the Fayette County History (pdf)

Melcher’s, George’s, Philip’s or Jacob’s

 unknown daughters


unknown others

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Rosannah Sabanda

 married Ezekiel Parker

10 July 1828

Portage County, OH


Per the marriage record recorded Sept 1828

Maria Sherbondy

 b. 1801


Melcher’s  unknown daughters

Possible connections

This Column

Possible Connection:

George Washington Sherbondy b. 1834 (married Mary Ellen Miller) and Geo W. Sherbondy b. 1836-1837 (Clan N) have been identified as the same person.  Go to Clan N to view their descendants.

Henry Harrison Sherbondy  1828-1884 (married Margaret Ann Sober) and Henry Huston Sherbondy b. 1830 (Clan H) are most likely the same person.  We are working to verify this connection.

William Parker b. 1829

Mary, Elizabeth Parker

John Parker b. 1834

Jacob Parker b. 1838

Jane Parker b. 1840

George H., Peter Parker d bef 1860

Ezekiel Parker b. 1858

John Richey

David Richey

Hunter Richey

Andrew F. Richey