Current Activities of the SFA

Address update project

 We are updating our address files for any and all Sherbondy descendants.  We use these solely for SFA genealogical  activities.  Our publications and mailings are directed at ALL descendants, not just those doing research.  If you have not been contacted by the SFA since 2000, please send us your street address and the addresses of your relatives.  Street addresses are used for identity verification purposes to confirm information to be published.  With your first correspondence, please include your lineage back to your earliest known Sherbondy ancestor, or the ancestor of your Clan.  Use a pfd form here to print and mail or if you wish you can e-mail us your street mailing address and lineage.  You will be contacted for updates when publication of your genealogy in book form is imminent.

Photo Project

 The first phase of our genealogical computerization was for names, dates and places.  For most information received prior to 2000, the computerization is complete (we will continue to update our data in the order it is received).  We are now starting on scanning and insertion of photos into the genealogies.  One photo will be allowed for each family.  You can now see Clan S (with two photos) and Clan U for examples of how the photos will appear in the book and (for the early generations) on the web site.  The photos in the Clan U and Clan I genealogies are most likely the only photos in existence of grandchildren of John Sherbondy #1.  Please send us your photos now for inclusion in future publications.

Data Entry

 We continue to do data entry on genealogical data.  We are computerizing the data in the order that we receive it.  Please send your information soon so it will be entered in a timely manner!

With your first correspondence to the SFA, please include your lineage back to your earliest known Sherbondy ancestor, or to the ancestor of your Clan.

PDF Lineage Form (print, fill in and mail)

(or, you can e-mail us your lineage and street mailing address)