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Contributions to the SFA helps support the research and publication activities of the Association.  The SFA does not currently charge for access to this web site.  However, we still incur costs to maintain and expand the web site and to prepare books and other publications from information in our archives. The SFA is involved in marketing activities to advertise the web site to gain more information to share with relatives.  We also are performing research on some of the hard-to-find genealogical data. Some of the costs involved include:

  • Domain name registration, web space hosting.
  • On-line digital storage, software updates.
  • Mass mailing postage costs, paper & supplies.
  • Professional genealogical research costs.
  • Costs of vital record certificate copies.
  • Copyright and Non-profit organization costs.

Currently, the sole source of funding are these contributions and donations.   Please click on the link below for a contribution form.  We need your help to continue as a free site!  Thank you!


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