The Sherbondy Family Clan Chart

NOTE:  Most information on this chart conflicts in some way with other data in the SFA archives.  The data shown is what we believe is most accurate.  Please review all SFA sources and send us copies of any other documents that show this data may be incorrect.

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John Sherbondy  (Jean / Johann Cherpantier)

d, 1798 in Westmoreland Co, PA
m.  Maria Catharina Bossard
1771 A Millwright in Northampton Co., PA
1778 Military Service in Northampton Co., PA
1792 Purchased 336 acres and Grist mill in Chestnuthill Township, Northampton Co, PA.

Johann Melcher Sherbondy

b. 11 Jan 1769
d 15 Dec 1850
m. Anna Maria Shupp
b. 7 Aug 1767

Moved to Ohio.

Died in Akron, Ohio

Johann Georg Sherbondy

b. 15 Nov 1769

d. Feb 1817 in Westmoreland Co.

m. Maria Smail

b. 5 Nov 1774

d. 16 Jul 1855

In Indiana

Christina Cherpantier

b. 3 Dec 1771

Northampton Co, PA

Johann Philip Sherbondy

b. 30 June 1774

d. 1838

m. Elizabeth Shoope d. 1843

Settled in Mercer Co., PA in 1797

John Sherbondy

b. 1780

a Farmer

m. Mary Betts

b. 1785

Settled near

Donners Flowers area, Greenville, Mercer Co., PA

Anna Catharina Sherbondy
b. 9 May 1784, Northampton Co.
married after 1810 probably Andrew Bates

Jacob Sherbondy

b. 1789

Moved to Mercer Co., PA

m. Jane (1796 – 1868)

  • Male born 1810-1820
  • Female born 1820-1825